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Well, here it is. This is where many hours are spent testing, tuning, learning and working. Long nights and early mornings have been put into this and it still isn't done. I started this project not knowing really what I was in for. From my parents basement, it started on an old Athlon K7 550Mhz CPU with 512MB of RAM, and has built into this multi computer network with Cisco gear and some fairly advanced network configurations. I'm now hosting my own domain, DNS, Mail, Website and more.



I'll add more on this in the fuure. But at the end of the day this is really my workshop. I'm looking to upgrade my equipment so I have to sell some of my stuff first. I need some higher end switches and firewalls to control traffic and content, and I'm looking at getting some more PoE gear installed in my house but dont have a PoE switch yet so none of it even works.


I do have some network gear for sale:

1 Cisco ASA 5505 with base license (Basically brand new) - $300

2 Cisco PIX 515 with Failover - $40/ea

3 Cisco 2600 Series routers - $25/ea

2 Cisco 3500XL Switches (48 Port 10/100) - $35/ea

1 D-Link DES-1228p 24-port Switch - $20

Buyer will pay shipping.